Ilizarov in Complex Trauma – Tibia infected fracture Non Union

I received a patient at Rajeshwar Hospital, Patna, bed ridden 1 year, history of bad accident, Leg (Tibia) fracture surgery done elsewhere, continuous pus coming out of wound, was advised surgery for leg removal (amputation), and patient could not bear being handicapped for life, and was referred to me, in view of saving his leg.

Pus Coming out of wound
Infected wound Leg
Infected non union Tibia

Surgery : Implant removal, Necrectomy (dead infected tissue removal), Ilizarov Ring Fixation Surgery with deformity correction & acute docking. Patient walked next day of surgery, after 1 yr of bed ridden, could see his happiness that he went to terrace to sit in sun to feel nature again.

Vac Therapy over Ilizarov: Later, when post surgery bone and soft tissue was found exposed, in view of skipping flap surgery seeing bad skin condition, Vac was applied on wound while Ilizarov ring was in situ. Wound healed well with consecutive Vac application till wound healed.

After euinus correction, foot ring removed at 4 weeks, 3 months bone uniting well, 6 months later ring was removed with well united bone & patient moving and sitting comfortably.

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